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Posts from the ‘The Business of Heritage’ Category

King of Kitsch: So long Honest Ed’s

I decided to soak up the garish atmosphere one last time before the store closes for good on December 31, 2016. As usual, Honest Ed’s didn’t disappoint.

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Remai Modern promises an authentic community-building experience

What does the Remai Modern have in common with the nearby Farmers' Market? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

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Escape Games: The perfect vehicle for historical storytelling

"Escape the Diefenbunker" provides just the right combination of tension and urgency thanks to a believable backstory told within an authentic heritage setting.

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How Virtual Reality Will Transform Heritage Tourism

The Fort York project will allow visitors to time travel back to as many as eight events that took place on the historic site.

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A Tale of Two Chapels

Should there be strings attached when faith communities sell their surplus properties for redevelopment?

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